Natural Immunoglobulins and Growth Factors from Reimmugen  (Cow Colostrum)

The important ingredients of SHARP's Reimmugen are

o   Powerful natural immunoglobulins.

o   Natural body building, rejuvenating and supporting proteins.

o   Natural growth factors and Transfer Factors to protect and develop healthy body.

o   Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Micro Nutrients essential for body development.

o   Immunity boosters and regulators - PRP, Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrons.

o   Growth Factors (GF) like Epidermal GF; Fiberoblast GF, Transforming GF (Alfa), Transforming GF (Beta), Nerve GF, Platelet Derived GF; Insulin like Growth Factors (IGF : I & II).

o   Angiogenesis; or natural growth, development and formation of new blood vessels. This is ideal requirement for patients of Heart attack, infract, stroke, surgery or accidental injuries and burns.

o   Natural nerve growth factors in colostrum have been well researched for their value in nerve disorders like natural aging, Parkinson's, Alzimers etc.

o   Cow Colostrum has been researched extensively and excellent papers have been published by emminant scientists in medically important journals like Lancet, PubMed. Research has stressed the beneficial value of Colostrum as an ideal Immunity enhancer, protector of health and for proper growth.

o   Colostrum is stated to be Natures Necter for Good Health.